7 January 2013

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31 December 2019

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StatementReader is used by forensic accountants, bookkeepers, insolvency investigators, solicitors, auditors and business review professionals to stop wasting time and talent converting bank statements into Excel

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Some transactions are missing

Column headings are used by StatementReader to identify where the transactions begin on each page. If some pages of the bank statements that you would like to process do not have column headings, rerun the job selecting the checkbox above the 'Go' button called 'Extract all lines'.

Also, if you are using a template you have created yourself you should find the template under 'My banks', right-click and edit the template, then within the template creation wizard at step two, untick the checkbox provided to signify that column headings may not always be available. Proceed through the wizard and save the adjusted template.

You can rerun jobs that you have already paid for, without paying again.

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