Batch processing bank statements

A folder containing many scanned documents, each in the same bank layout, can be processed in just a few clicks, without you needing to select the template and other processing options for each file individually.

To use this option, select the ‘Folder mode’ radio button after you select a template. Then you can use the browse button to find the folder containing the scanned documents. Each file will be initialised as a separate job. You can combine jobs by selecting multiple jobs, right-clicking and selecting ‘merge jobs’. Then you can display the new (merged) job in Excel by right-clicking on this job and selecting ‘export to Excel’.

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Frequently Asked Questions, by phone

I have a warning message When does it happen? Can you send a screenshot to us? Also, if you can, please email the PDF input document to us (or upload it using the 'File' menu within StatementReader) a