How do I use a bank statement template to extract my transactions?

Follow the steps below to use StatementReader template files that we have sent you. Note that if you have already set this up, you may simply add the (unzipped) files provided to the folder that you previously created for this purpose: - Create an empty folder on your computer (perhaps on the desktop or in My Documents). It will contain templates for StatementReader. - Copy the unzipped template files provided (including images) to the new folder. - Click on Options -> Advanced options -> Directory setup. - Under Extra Templates select the folder you have created. - Click to save your changes. The next time you see the list of templates, you will see a section for 'Extra banks', which will contain the template files inside the new folder. You can use these templates normally. You can delete them by locating the folder on your machine. Warning: If this folder or the template files are renamed, they may not work properly.

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