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StatementReader is used by forensic accountants, bookkeepers, insolvency investigators, solicitors, auditors and business review professionals to stop wasting time and talent converting bank statements into Excel

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How to install and setup StatementReader

Initial setup of StatementReader

- Download and install the application from here.

- Run the application and register your email address.

- Click Help -> Example job, to verify the installation. You should see an example bank statement, and then the transactions in Excel.

Using your trial account credit

- Click Credit -> Join company credit from within StatementReader and enter the code provided by the StatementReader team

- Click the button provided to validate the code. The code is not case-sensitive.

Connecting to our demo external OCR server (for processing scanned images)

- Select Options -> Advanced Options -> Engine -> StatementReader External OCR Server (demo).

- Click Save options.

Note that files are only processed by the external OCR server once, as files processed are cached locally for a few days.

Extracting, validating and analysing transactions

On running the application some further steps will be provided. Illustrated tutorials are provided here. Frequently asked questions and a knowledge base of information can be found here.

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