Companies House Charts (Day 3 of 5)

My exploratory data analysis of Companies House data in August 2020:

Number of Incorporations by City from January 2020

Next the limitations:

  • Delays in registering new companies has likely been inconsistent across cities

  • The City field isn't always filled correctly

And the code snippet:

#bind UK total
data %>%
group_by(IncorporationDate_ym) %>%
summarise(.groups = "keep",
    city_incorporationdateMonth_count = sum(city_incorporationdateMonth_count)
) %>%
ungroup() %>%
    city_incorporationdateMonth_perc = city_incorporationdateMonth_count / sum(city_incorporationdateMonth_count),
    RegAddress.PostTown_fct = as_factor("UK") %>% fct_relevel("UK",after=Inf)
) %>%
select(RegAddress.PostTown_fct,IncorporationDate_ym, city_incorporationdateMonth_perc, city_incorporationdateMonth_count) %>%
rbind(temp_IncorporationDate_ym) %>%

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