Companies House Charts (Day 4 of 5)

My exploratory data analysis of Companies House data in August 2020:

Length of company name

by year of incorporation

Next the limitations:

  • Only the latest name is plotted, not any previous names

And the code snippet:

#get labels for bubble of interest
data <- data %>%
  CompanyName_length = str_length(CompanyName),
  IncorporationDate_jul = as_date(IncorporationDate_ymd)
) %>%
  label_text = str_glue("{CompanyName}")
) %>%

bubble1 <- data %>%
  CompanyName_length > 60,
  IncorporationDate_jul > ymd("2000-01-01"),
  IncorporationDate_jul < ymd("2010-01-01")
) %>% 
pull(CompanyNumber) %>%

#exploratory method, could be faster:)
data[!data$CompanyNumber %in% bubble1,"label_text"] <- ""

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