New bank templates for extracting transactions to Excel

Here are the latest templates to be added to StatementReader for banks from UK, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, USA, New Zealand:

Halifax 3, State Bank of India 4, Citibank UAE, Standard Chartered UAE, Citibank USA, Standard Chartered HK, Standard Chartered, UBP, Santander Other, NatWest online 3, MIDFLORIDA, HSBC temporary, Dubai Islamic Bank 2, DBS, DBS 2, Clarien 2, Bank of Baroda 6, American Express Online, Al hilal 4, Al hilal 3, Al hilal 2, ADCB branch 2, Barclays UAE, Barclaycard, BNZ, ANZ NZ, Al masraf, Scotiabank, NCB, Bank of Baroda 4.

To add your own template and quickly make the StatementReader application extract your bank statements to Excel, click here to see an illustrated tutorial.

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