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Improving Excel with Python (Day 2 of 5)

My starter scripts in January 2021:

Split Excel file into separate files

As an extension on yesterday’s problem (combining multiple Excel sheets into a single Excel Sheet), today I am showing how to split a single Excel Sheet into multiple Excel files, which can be handy for managing the access to a dataset that splits easily into parts.

Here is a snippet showing how to read the first sheet from an Excel file, split the data by the first column, and save each part into separate Excel files, which are named after the value in the first column.

This is a continuation of my journey learning Python while applying it to problems that I see working with Excel; tomorrow I look at a script to manage file attributes (like title, description and subject) for version control, or author credit.

Any thoughts or questions, get in touch


Have a look at the code I used, here:

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