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Land Registry Charts (Day 1 of 6)

My exploratory data analysis of Land Registry data in November 2020:

Overseas companies that own property in England and Wales

This single dataset from Land Registry has gifted me plenty of space to exercise my relatively new R skills and spark my curiosity to ask questions like: Which property has had the most overseas company owners in the past 5 years? Which countries transfer most properties between each other? Do some countries prefer to own properties in certain UK regions?

A line chart showing the 5-year trend of overseas country ownership of UK properties was one of the first graphs that I created for show. New for me was the adding labels using geom_text_repel. Adding some interactivity would drive insight, and the axis text would benefit from formatting.

Thanks to Paul Pretlove of Kalo the Restructuring Advisors, for the inspiration to explore Land Registry’s overseas property data.

Any thoughts or questions, get in touch


Have a look at the code I used, here:

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