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About StatementReader

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StatementReader was launched in 2012 and is an accurate and reliable application that automatically converts scanned or PDF original bank statements into a spreadsheet format. It is used by forensic accountants, insolvency investigators, solicitors, auditors and business review professionals, to solve an otherwise time-consuming challenge – the manual input of 100s of pages of bank transactions.

Founded by David Elms, customer experience director, and Evangelos Tsiontsis, software development director, StatementReader goes beyond its technological capabilities; it is the ‘go to’ place for support in Excel, helping organisations across the world to reach ultimate levels of efficiency.

We know you value consistency and trust; the StatementReader team offers the perfect balance of transparency and technicality so you feel like we’re part of your business

Having already developed products in the legal and purchase ledger markets, we are exploring new ways to adapt our product and service to meet user needs

Guiding our clients to achieve their data processing goals is a passion of ours; that’s why you get continued support and expertise from our team

What's changed

Caching extracted data locally for fast re-processing if a different template is needed

March 2023

Increased stability when processing in folder mode simplifying the process in instances where hundreds of daily statements are contained within one folder


August 2023

Alternative OCR more suitable for lower quality documents

[coming soon]

Validation and correction of years where they are not printed on the statement

December 2022

Remove lines based on keywords stored in the template, useful when a 'total receipts/payments' line is inserted for each day

September 2022

Multiple methods of reading downloaded searchable PDFs with the preferred method stored in the template

February 2022

Refined date extraction if surrounded by column dashes and identification of the year if it's not in the date format

March 2021

50+ bank templates added since 1 April 2021, including the capability to extract two dates in the same column like with ABN AMRO

September 2021

Less options on the GUI, more automation on our OCR server, still with the offline option of installing it within your network

November 2021

Removed need to have Excel installed on user's machine, kept formatting and hyperlinks

December 2020

More accurate OCR for those lower quality bank statements; faster and cheaper OCR for offline client installations 

September 2020

New bank statement format: 100% accurate extraction of transactions with vertically centred dates

February 2020

major restructure of the StatementReader architecture has led to significant time savings at the PDF extraction stage

February 2019

Encrypted PDF documents are supported by selecting a new ‘bypass encryption’ checkbox from the main StatementReader interface

August 2019

The interface can now be simplified to only show bank templates from a defined country

October 2019

temporary changes to the analysis options which only apply for that job

October 2018

An image of the first page can now be embedded into a separate tab in the automated Excel analysis, for reference

April 2018

Speed and accuracy improvements when extracting data from searchable, encrypted or image-based bank statements

March 2018

generate an automated analysis using merged jobs (for investigating multiple bank accounts

March 2017

allow users to set the analysis parameters that control the transactions identified as bounced and reversed

June 2017

expansive template creation tool to allow users to cater for more types

December 2017

added ability for the StatementReader application to interact seamlessly with an external OCR server

October 2016

streamlined the comprehensive Excel based transaction summary so that it works quickly even for large datasets

February 2016

added automated date and amount corrections together with a data extraction accuracy report

January 2016

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