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Seamless integration with bookkeeping and investigation tools

Once StatementReader has extracted the financial data from your scanned bank statements, you can choose to export this to an Excel or CSV format. Your choice depends on the different ways that you want to use the data:


Bookkeeping software

CSV is a file format used by Intuit Quickbooks and Microsoft Money to transfer financial transaction data. This format can contain headings to identify different data fields.


Investigation software

To combine the financial data extracted using StatementReader with other investigation visualisation tools, such as IBM's i2, you may export the financial data as a CSV file.


Excel dashboard analysis

StatementReader automatically creates a summary report in Excel to guide you in identifying dates, keywords or transactions that require further investigation.


Internal database

The StatementReader team can help you to integrate the data exported from StatementReader with any database infrastructure that you use. Please contact us at with details of your requirements.

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