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StatementReader is more than an application. We are a valuable business resource which financial professionals rely on to upskill themselves and their teams, and from which companies seek advice to improve their reputations and build stronger client relationships.

Our resource hub provides all the information you might need to get the very most from StatementReader, increase your knowledge of Excel and find out more about your industry.

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StatementReader outputs 100% accurate results into Excel from electronically created documents.  The quality of scanned documents affects the reliability of the extracted results; here are some tips to improve your results:

Get the original documents (not photocopies), if possible

Scan to 300 DPI TIF or PDF with zero/low compression

Set content as 'text', if possible on the scanner

Use scanner feeder for the consistent alignment of each page

Keep the same page orientation throughout (portrait/landscape)

Each PDF file should contain the same bank template


StatementReader offers an intuitive interface that requires minimal training - you can see this online here, in our illustrated tutorials.  The main points are here:

Select the template that matches your document

Tick 'Parse PDF' if you can select the text in PDF

Check whether the transactions and pages flow in date order when running 'detect and repair transactions'

Analyse keywords, key periods, round amounts and recurring transactions in one-click, use the options menu to configure the settings


You can create the bank template to extract the transactions from your bank statement if it's not already available from the 100s listed (separated by country) within StatementReader.  When using this "create a bank layout" tool, you must:

Always copy column headers (date etc.) exactly from your bank statement

Select from the dropdown boxes showing various data and date types

Check the date and balance position for one multi-line transaction, is the balance at the top or middle or bottom?

You can quickly go back and edit a template by right-clicking on it

Hover your mouse over the options for more information

How to create a bank template, in pictures


Our support team takes great pride in seeing your scanned and electronically created documents from PDF all the way through to the Excel you need.  Some quick points to check if you're not seeing accurate results are:

If the text in Excel is misread from a scanned image, check that our scanning tips were followed

If data is in the wrong row/column then check the template

For missed pages, run with 'extract all lines' checked

If there are missing/incorrect years, use DATE( ) formula

Always keep in mind that you can request a template from the File menu, and we will return it with your sample data in Excel within 24 hours


Refined date extraction if column dashes exist (Barclays) or the year isn't printed (BNP) 03/2021

Removed need to have Excel installed on user's machine, kept formatting and hyperlinks 12/2020

A more effective and cheaper offline OCR engine 09/2020


Need to be sure StatementReader is of value for every member of your team? Use our FAQs section below to find out how different job roles benefit from StatementReader, or you can contact us for more information.

See how using StatementReader can help you achieve more. Download StatementReader today

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