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Export PDF to Excel

With a free download, you can convert your PDF bank statements into Excel straight away.  You get 30 free pages and full phone or online support to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new PDF converter, and then you’ll be ready to support you with your UK, USA, or international bank statements.


StatementReader uses Python modules to work with the full range range of PDF documents that you may want to extract data from, including:

  • Watermarked - Watermarks are often placed on documents to illustrate who created the document. These can be stamped on top or displayed behind the text.

  • Searchable - A searchable PDF document allows the viewer to find and select text embedded within the file. This can be useful to extract a paragraph of text.

  • Locked - If a searchable PDF document does not allow its contents to be copied and pasted into another file, it is locked.

  • Encrypted - An encrypted PDF document does not allow the contents of the file to be viewed without entering the correct password.

StatementReader extracts transactions from bank statements in a searchable PDF format locally on your machine.  Password protected PDF documents initiate a user prompt, and watermarks are ignored for accurate data extraction.


For scanned non-searchable documents, StatementReader clients can quickly be configured to use an “external OCR server” by specifying the IP address of that external server. The suggested external OCR server is a Windows machine with a proprietary OCR engine installed together with the StatementReader Server Module. Once the configuration has been completed, the StatementReader clients communicate seamlessly with the StatementReader Server to create searchable PDF documents and benefit from the best OCR solution available in the industry.


StatementReader is an OCR converter that we are proud to support, with thousands of clients relying on us to open their PDF in Excel.  Download today to get started, and add us to your team to organise all of your bank statements in Excel.

Here’s a case study for a client we’ve helped:

Client: Insolvency investigation team in London, UK
Start date of contract: July 2017
Range of services provided:

  • Annual on-site training workshops to support a rotation of new under-graduate employees

  • Provided an intuitive user interface that non-technical, junior members of staff use with minimal training to extract data from bank statements

  • Optimised an OCR solution for scanned images using existing hardware and software

  • Excel hyperlinks generated automatically for fast validation of extracted data and as a reference for other members of staff and stakeholders

  • Merging multiple accounts for the analysis of how funds flow between them

Call the StatementReader team today to discuss your data extraction needs.


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