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Export bank statements to CSV

You can get started straight away with a free download to convert your PDF bank statement to CSV.  StatementReader uses Python modules to generate a single lightweight database file from scanned images or searchable PDF documents, by default this outputs to either a consistent columnar Excel or CSV format.  This allows quick and seamless system integration by exporting or transposing your financial data into multiple other formats (like JSON), to integrate with any bookkeeping or investigation tool.


Download a csv bank statement example using this link:


And here are all the CSV column headings:


basename, bank_layout, page, transaction_id, Date, Date cleared, Description 1, Description 2, Receipts, Payments, Amount, Balance, Table group, Reported page, Account name, Account number, Sort code, Statement date, Period from, Period to, Cleared balance, Opening balance, Closing balance, Currency, Statement info, Bank info, Account info

Some of the opportunities for working with flexible data output are listed here:

  • Streamline process in stages, parallel implementation - Reduce risk when choosing and implementing our OCR solution. A consistent column structure allows our client to turn StatementReader on or off as they need to during the development, testing and deployment process.

  • Empower employees to consider wider growth - Our users enjoy learning about how StatementReader fits into their process. They are inspired to use Python or VBA to automate other areas of their work with a growth mindset, to reduce labour intensive activities and increase accuracy.

  • Choose best in class without a reliance on one solution provider - Be truly supplier agnostic, pick the best solution for the document you have to process, use a different solution for other data sources as you require, and use StatementReader OCR software for your scanned and searchable bank statements.

And, here’s one of the client integrations that StatementReader has been part of:

Client: Financial intermediary, auditors and wealth managers in Fiji
Start date of contract: September 2017
Range of services provided:

  • We provided StatementReader for installation on multiple individual client machines

  • StatementReader is accessed by a dedicated user for each of the main extraction and analysis parts of the process

  • Bank statement templates are created in-house using StatementReader, with users requesting new templates for any missing formats.  New templates that we create are then released to all users

  • We provided the option to implement a highly accurate in-house (offline) OCR server solution for extracting data from scanned images so that client documents remain within their network (currently under consideration)

  • Remote group training is available to ensure staff are getting the most value from new features

  • The client relies on StatementReader for cases with between 100 to 1,000 bank statements in a single batch

  • A range of users have access to StatementReader at several levels of the hierarchy

  • Extracting structured data from the whole bank statement allows the bank account number, name and sort code to be exported to Excel alongside the transactions.

We’re proud of the level of technical support we offer, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your colleagues.

What we offer:

  • Assisted implementation of the application (with a hosted OCR server)

  • Creation of optimised templates for your bank statements within 24 hours

  • Unlimited ongoing technical support including system migration and server monitoring

  • Software upgrades with new bank templates created for our clients globally


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