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Product Partnership

Local knowledge + powerful data extraction

OCR experts


Your clients benefit from increased efficiency by utilising our experience in OCR and data process consultancy

Scalable solution


StatementReader is a proven time saver, and it can be ready to use with the best OCR technology in just a few minutes

In-house development


We enjoy satisfying the needs of our clients, and with an in-house development team we can do this in the most efficient way

More competitive


Build on current and gain new clients through new capabilities

More profitable


Create a new revenue stream with a dedicated team behind you

StatementReader is not just for bank statements.  We have created a flexible engine that also extracts data from supplier statements and bank remittance forms.  Contact us with your requirements.

Can you process other documents?

StatementReader is easy to implement, without requiring technical knowledge.  Also, the application is often used without firms providing any training.  Therefore, partners may find that the time taken to support and implement the solution is minimal - however, should questions arise, we are on hand to provide the online knowledge base or remote support required.

Who supports and implements StatementReader?

We prefer for clients to pay the partner locally either by online payment (using an integrated solution such as the service provided by PayPal) or invoice - whichever best suits the partner’s market.

How do clients pay?

The revenue split depends on the division of tasks such as closing the sale, implementation and ongoing support.  We often train the local partner to fulfil these tasks at no cost (and no obligation, if you later decide that you'd rather pass these tasks to us).

What is the revenue split between partners and StatementReader?

Resellers pass identifiable account codes to their clients so that usage and commission earned can be easily monitored within their network of clients.

How do you track who sells what?

We are open to discussing this with you.

Can I rebrand StatementReader?

A network of potential clients.  That’s all.

What do I need?

Working together

We are here to support you as a product partner, so you can use your skills in networking and/or systems integration to best promote StatementReader as the scalable and powerful data extraction tool that we are proud to have created.

Interested? Get in touch today

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