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Demonstration documents

StatementReader has been built by a team that are passionate about helping your firm to extract and analyse financial data quickly and cost efficiently.  Here's why the application is currently being used all around the world:


StatementReader effortlessly extracts transactions from many different pre-set or user defined bank statement layouts.


Complex data layouts often cause other OCR applications to suggest a time consuming work-around, or manual data entry, but not StatementReader.


Original paper bank statements are all that StatementReader requires.  Missing dates, multi-line transactions and overlapping amount columns are all interpreted effortlessly.


StatementReader includes features that save your time at each step of the process.


Whilst StatementReader is processing your bank statements, you can start to analyse your data in Excel, which is presented page by page.


Also, batch processing can be configured in just a few clicks to extract transactions from many different scanned documents contained in the same folder.


StatementReader takes original paper bank statements and extracts the financial transactions straight to a format suitable for analysis.


And, once the transactions are extracted line by line, StatementReader presents a summary of the data, in seconds.


StatementReader automatically answers these questions, and many others:

- Who was the bank account holder dealing with in large amounts, and when?

- Over which period did significant transactions of recurring amounts occur?

All files available to be downloaded from this page are solely for illustration purposes.  Any financial transactions detailed therein are completely fictitious.

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