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What our clients say

Take their word for it…

StatementReader has helped thousands of bankers, insolvency practitioners, accountants, loan underwriters and solicitors to achieve more in their job role. By using StatementReader to automatically convert paper and PDF bank statements to Excel, professionals the world over have unlocked masses of previously hidden resource and are using the it to pass savings on to their clients.

Though we’re based in the UK, we have clients from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and the UAE; to India, South Africa and the USA. And they’re so happy to work with StatementReader, they want you to know about it.
Explore our testimonials and case studies below, to find out how businesses like yours benefit from StatementReader.

Michelle Mills - Insolvency Manager

"...helped me to progress cases and enable identification of potential antecedent transactions much quicker"

Steve Cooper - Bookkeeper

"...the price and structure is very good - I can buy credits and use them as and when.

I will recommend this to others that may need this"

[Forensic accountant]

"...the speed of your responses and quality and accuracy of your output has been superb – your involvement has been of great value to the team"

Hazel Newman - Restructuring Advisor

"...if there isn’t a statement on StatementReader you are able to create a template within a quick turnaround time. This is definitely very useful if we have deadlines to meet."

Lauren Feeney - Insolvency Assistant

"...I was also able to remove the human-error that would have occurred if I entered the data manually"

Heard everything you needed to hear?

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