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“Before I found StatementReader, I was dreading the manual job of inputting bank statements into Excel”

“Manually entering bank statements takes up a significant amount of time which can be better utilised elsewhere, it can also lead to large amounts of time being allocated that may be irrecoverable on the speculative jobs that I deal with”

“I wanted to remove the human-error that would have occurred had I entered the data manually”

Extract each page in just a few seconds
“StatementReader freed up my time to complete other important tasks and not spend every evening for two weeks in the office”

Better financial decisions
“The software is easy to install and to use, good value for money and effective. It has saved me hours of data entry and has helped me to progress cases and identify potential antecedent transactions much quicker”

Seamless system integration
Export financial data to multiple formats, for your convenience
Integrate with any bookkeeping or investigation tool

Expert support team
We are always happy to help, either by e-mail, telephone or remote screen-sharing

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