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Save time and money, with a fully scalable data entry solution

StatementReader automatically converts scanned original bank statements into a spreadsheet format. Simply use an ordinary office scanner to save the pages in a PDF or TIF format. StatementReader will then process the scanned file and produce a Microsoft Excel or CSV file containing the transactions.


StatementReader includes layouts for all major UK, USA and Australian banks, as well as many others. It also features a simple tool to create and save new bank layouts in less than 60 seconds. New bank layouts are regularly added and are automatically downloaded when the application is opened.


StatementReader saves your time at every step of the conversion process. The application outputs data from each page into Microsoft Excel while it is processing. This means that the user can start to analyse the results without having to wait until all pages have been processed.


Here is an example of the typical cost saving for one office of insolvency practitioners:  A typical UK office deals with 100 cases each year. A comprehensive bank statement investigation is required on 75 cases. Each case has 120 pages. Each page takes 5 minutes to manually enter and analyse in Excel, which costs £14,423 in total or £1.60 per page. With StatementReader you could save £10,373.


StatementReader is free to download and install.  The cost of StatementReader is based on how many pages the user processes. Click here for pricing information.


Download and install StatementReader today to claim a welcome gift of 30 pages!

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