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Software tutorials

Before you start using StatementReader, it is important to understand that all applications that convert text from a PDF file to an editable or searchable format rely on good quality input.


To ensure that you obtain the best results from StatementReader, you should:


  • align the paper correctly in the scanner

  • create a TIF image (if possible) or low compression PDF document

  • set the scanner to 300DPI

  • if scanning to a TIF image, select text under image type, so the scanner knows to enhance the contrast and remove any background shading

  • ensure pages are clean and free of pen markings


Then, follow these simple illustrated steps to extract your financial data to Excel, in seconds.

Start a new job

It takes just a few clicks to begin the process of extracting data from scanned images or searchable PDF documents.


For best results, each file should contain original bank statements from the same bank, scanned as a high quality image.


If you are using StatementReader on a pay-as-you-go basis, you will see a few pages before being asked to use or purchase credit.

Create a new template

StatementReader uses templates to identify, interpret and extract your data into the correct column in Excel.


Templates for several UK, USA and Australian banks are provided for you to use immediately.  You should use the images provided to ensure that the correct pre-existing template is selected.


You will need to follow the tutorials below if your bank statements do not match the pre-existing templates.

Remote job assistance

At any time, for any reason, you can send bank statements to the StatementReader team for your job to be completed for you.


If you are on the pay-as-you-go scheme, there is often no additional fee for this service.  Annual subscribers will be provided with a quote prior to the job being completed.





Remote template assistance

Similar to jobs completed remotely, you can also send a few pages to the StatementReader team for your bank template to be completed for you.


New templates help the StatementReader team to support up-to-date bank layouts, so there is no additional fee for this service.



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