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Better decisions, based on accurate financial data in Excel

StatementReader is used by firms as a cost effective tool to understand financial data at a higher level of detail. This not only reduces the cost when compared to manual data entry but also drives strategic direction when deciding on areas that require further investigation.


Using StatementReader and its powerful Excel based summarisation templates, you can quickly answer the following questions:


- Who was the bank account holder dealing with frequently, or in large total amounts?

- And, over which period did transactions with these parties occur?

- What are the round and recurring transactions?

- And, over which period did these transactions occur?

- In which months did the bank account holder have the most and least bank activity?


StatementReader is an elegant and accurate solution that automatically extracts bank account transactions from a variety of different page layouts. Easy to follow scanning instructions are provided to ensure the highest quality output is obtained from your original bank statements. The application also uses integrated image manipulation techniques to clean the printed text, for accurate results.

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