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Application history

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October 2013

  • Added right-click export options to the main interface for easy access to CSV and OFX formats


August 2013

  • Enhanced the application architecture by storing all data in an open source SQLite database

  • Added a resume button for part-completed jobs and completed jobs to be recreated quickly, only processing the remaining pages

  • Added PDF reports for each job so users can record the job details on a paper file for tracking expenses

  • Introduced hidden Excel output


June 2013

  • Changed the method of counting pages in a PDF document to increase processing speed

  • Introduced pay-as-you-go option using an automated Paypal payment process

  • Added an automated summary with the following features, a table of keywords, a table of the daily distance from a 3-month rolling average, a chart of daily transaction amounts and a table showing key round amounts.

  • Refined method of output in Excel to increase application stability

  • Added batch processing allowing users to process files of the same layout from a folder


April 2013

  • Added image manipulation to refine character recognition

  • Updated character recognition to improve output

  • Introduced user tips to explain how to use the application and add new bank layouts

  • Added the ability to capture account name, number and sort code

  • Added automatic removal of dashes where used to separate columns

  • Changed user experience process to automatically show details of job running

  • Changed method of identifying page width and height to increase speed.

  • Added example jobs to 'Help' menu

  • Added help file describing how to use the application and the system requirements, accessible from the 'Help' menu


January 2013

  • Added new bank layouts

  • Refined method of identifying start and end of transactions

  • Changed cell formatting in Excel

  • Changed layout of output in Excel to output file specific data on each transaction line

  • Added repair of dates and amounts

  • Added progress update to show remaining time

  • Redesigned user interface to include overview of jobs running, and those run in previous sessions


October 2012

  • Introduced capability of completing missing dates on a bank statement

  • Introduced capability of replicating a table of data in Excel


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