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Bank template creation tool

StatementReader uses templates to identify, interpret and extract your data into the correct column in Excel. Templates for 100+ UK, USA and Australian banks are provided for you to use immediately. 


The most common UK bank templates that our clients use are from RBS, Lloyds and Barclays.  These formats need software specifically created for the purpose of helping you to organise bank statements in Excel. These bank templates are already included in StatementReader, ready for you to download for free.


Why do I need a bank template?

Bank statement converter software like StatementReader accepts documents in many different formats. To export the bank transactions to Excel accurately a template is used to save you any time manipulating rows and columns in Excel, and get to the aim of each transaction in a single row in Excel, quickly.


How to convert my bank statement from PDF?

If you can’t find your bank template in our list, you can create your own bank statement template from within StatementReader by following these few steps:


  • Click File -> New bank layout

  • Move the lines in the wizard to match where the columns are on your bank statement

  • Copy the bank statement column headers (Date, Description etc)

  • Select the data type for each column (Date, Amount etc)

  • Check the date and balance position for one multi-line transaction, is the balance at the top or middle or bottom?

  • Save the template, if you need to you can quickly go back and edit a template by right-clicking on it

Need a video explainer of these steps, watch the video at the bottom of this page, and don’t forget, we’re here to create templates or to answer any questions you have.

By following these steps users can create templates in under a minute to extract their bank transactions to Excel - templates are used by StatementReader's advanced extraction engine to automate the following: 

  • Extracting multiple lined transactions, 

  • Removing page headers and footers, 

  • Validating bank transactions in Excel. 

Full page data extraction parameters can be defined to ensure that all important data is retrieved from the bank statement, including the bank account name, number and sort code, the addressee and address, together with the page number, statement date and bank branch address.

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