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How to use StatementReader for free, for one week!


  • Install and open StatementReader, and you will see that you have all the page credit you need!  If you run out just contact us for more (and refer to this page!)


  • Choose your bank template from the list – this must match your scanned or electronically created bank statement, if it doesn't match, you can request a template, or make one yourself in under a minute that will be saved on your machine for future use


  • Select your PDF or TIF file - If you have an electronically created (or searchable) PDF, you should select 'searchable PDF' in StatementReader, alternatively for scanned 300DPI TIF images, you will be given the option to try the world's best OCR engine to accurately read your pages 


  • Click ‘Go!’ to export your data to Excel - Your data will be processed in just a few seconds per page and displayed in Excel

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