The industries in which our clients have stringent regulatory constraints - meeting these requirements form a bare minimum for us to be considered for their business.  For us, reliable automation is only achieved in partnership with professional compliance.


We have passed several banking client security tests for offline use, which has incorporated a LDAP user control module to configure permissions for each user, all running within your network. This certification of compliance has been achieved by allowing users to configure local network folders to quickly manage offline software updates for multiple users, amongst other features that put security at the forefront of the application.


One of the clients that have made full use of our offline capabilities is here:


Client: Dubai based bank

Start date of contract: November 2018

Range of services provided:

We provided a wholly offline StatementReader solution for installation on multiple individual client machines

Initially focussed on providing a standardised analysis of 1,000+ Excel transactions tailored for the client’s specification, across multiple teams

Restricted access for up to 20 users, excluding administrative users