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Unlock bank statement PDF

There are different types of locked PDF documents:

- Document is locked to open

- Document is locked to print

- Encrypted text

- Text is locked to copy


To unlock your PDF and convert it to Excel you should download StatementReader - it’s free for your first 30 pages.


StatementReader will open your bank statement in Excel; if the PDF needs a password to open, you will first need to enter this, but as you would expect from the best PDF to Excel converter, all encrypted and locked PDFs are read into Excel in one click.


The application has OCR ready to use, which will read the text from your scanned image into Excel.


For searchable PDF documents, all your data is processed on your machine, for the highest level of data protection.


We have templates for banks all over the world, like NatWest, Barclays, Chase or American Express, to unlock and extract your bank statements quickly - many of our new users don’t need any training, but incase you do, we’re here for you to support you by phone or online.

Get started today by downloading StatementReader.


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