Convert bank statements to Excel

Save your business time and money

Easily enter, validate and analyse financial data by converting your PDF or paper bank statements to Excel using StatementReader. Processing bank statements at 500 milliseconds per page, StatementReader lets you convert 100 pages to Excel in less than a minute meaning you have more time to do what you do best. Our Windows application is saved locally, rather than to the cloud, making it the most secure solution. Plus, thanks to our built-in templates from 400 banks across the globe, you’ll be able to extract transactions at the touch of a button no matter where the bank is based.

StatementReader secure data
StatementReader secure data
StatementReader simple to use
StatementReader simple to use

Data stays within your network

Simple to use and install

StatementReader supports 100s of banks
StatementReader supports 100s of banks

Supports 100s of banks

Here’s how StatementReader works…

StatementReader saves money

Save money

Reduce the time spent analysing bank statements by up to 99%, and impress your colleagues

StatementReader improves analysis

Improve Analysis

Automatically summarises keywords, recurring transactions and regular amounts so you don’t have to

StatementReader for complete accuracy

Complete Accuracy

We use the best available OCR technology so you can be sure your data is accurate

"StatementReader has saved me hours of data entry..."

Michelle Mills, Senior Manager
StatementReader first client extracting data

7 January 2013

StatementReader last softwae update

9 November 2021

StatementReader support response in less than 2 hours

< 2 hours

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