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boy copying bank statements into Excel

Your team are bright and ambitious.

And they’re wasted, copying
bank statements into Excel all day.

StatementReader automates this process, freeing up time for
more meaningful accountancy work and professional development.

See what your people are capable of with a 30 page trial.

No credit card needed.

StatementReader converts PDF bank statements and scanned images into reliable Excel data.

Our 45-second video shows how it works and the difference it can make to your business.

How StatementReader makes work-life better


  • Allows for better quality analysis

  • Facilitates more interesting work

  • Aids in professional development


  • Enables quicker decision-making 

  • Saves time and money

  • Boosts staff morale

IT & Compliance

  • API for seamless system integration

  • Windows-based application

  • Technical support ready to help

We're talking from experience - as accountants ourselves, trust us when we say that we know all too well the pain of manual data entry. We really hope this helps you as it did us when we designed it.

David Elms

David Elms Co-Founder of StatementReader
StatementReader has helped thousands of people
in the financial industry achieve more in their roles.
This could be you and your team.
computer keyboard

StatementReader has saved me hours of data entry...

Michelle Mills, Senior Manager

Templates that StatementReader supports…

View the full list here

7 January 2013

3 September 2023

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