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15-08-17 We have launched a free desktop version. Give it a try!


House Investigations

See the full story with name changes, charges, director/secretary appointments, persons with significant control, in Excel

Unlimited use for £XXX (excl. VAT) per user

Visualise a Company search, now

Don't just search Companies House - 

find, visualise, present the data in Excel

See a live, working example right here:

Live demo

Show others what you have found, without copying, pasting, printing

Why choose us:

Gathering data for multiple companies from the Companies House website is repetitive and time consuming.

Click->copy->back->click->copy->back ...

Manually scheduling how appointments and changes of company names played out on a timeline is slow and inaccurate

Paper printouts are not suitable for visualising interconnected data like a Companies House search

Rows in Excel are automatically grouped to show the connections that companies and individuals have, allowing you to explore to the depth you require with a clear and intuitive interface

Visualise overlapping connections in a spreadsheet format, making it easy for colleagues, clients and other professional partners to find and explain links

Identify common interests quickly and accurately in Excel. No training or software setup required

Use Companies House Investigations for

full Companies House Searches, in Excel

Meet the developers:

David Elms

Accountant, developer, with a passion for scalable small businesses

  • David Elms - LinkedIn

Evangelos Tsiontsis

Lecturer, engineer, father, who lives and breathes UNIX principles

  • Evangelos Tsiontsis - LinkedIn

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Companies House Investigations complements our clients' needs for added context to their analysis with a clear and intuitive user interface that requires no training, and no implementation time.

Companies House Investigations has been developed in London by Suave Software Limited, the company behind the bank statement to Excel conversion tool, StatementReader.

You can call us on +44 (0)20 3287 8283 or contact us using the form here :->

All data presented by the Companies House Investigations tool is derived from Companies House API, which is currently in beta.  Also note that, although reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the usefulness of this tool, no guarantee of completeness or accuracy is provided. We respect your privacy; all details submitted will only be used for the purposes described at the point of submission, as well as a single request for feedback.

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