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12 minute weekly Excel best practice webinars *in testing*

On Friday, we demonstrated how to identify keywords, and how to use SUMPRODUCT() and INDIRECT() to build a flexible (reusable) summary to help the attendees answer some of their manager’s most common investigation questions straightaway/in the meeting; making them look great in the process!

We are delivering this training weekly to explore new ways that we can help our clients.

We hope that, by attending just a few sessions from this weekly program of Excel best practice tutorials you will collaborate with confidence and become the go-to Excel master within your team, improving your professional profile; we will support you with this, initially by sending you a list of the Excel tips/tricks that you will know, if you attend - this list will be an easily digestible overview for you to forward within your team.

To attend some of our early seminars, simply click this link, and tell us you're interested in receiving the invites when they are released.

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