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New bank statement format: 100% accurate extraction of transactions with vertically centred dates

New bank statement templates benefit all of our users, it's just one of the reasons we love offering fast and personal support.

Today we’re excited to learn a new way that our powerful data extraction engine can be applied to banks that it hasn’t seen before. The latest request comes from ICBC which uses a vertically centred date format; this meant that an inconsistent number of description rows for each transaction caused the data to overlap in Excel, which wasn’t matching our usual high standards of having one transaction in each row. Within 24 hours we’d released an update catering for this new format, and had tested it on over 1,000 pages; running at around 4 pages per second this took around four minutes.

Only once the new bank statement template was tested and released, could we sleep easy. Here's a quick look at the statement:

Need some help with extracting your bank statement, get in touch, several years in, we’ve seen most formats by now and are pleased for any challenge you’d like to discuss with us.

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