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The importance of data analysis for accountancy graduates

We recently took part in an interview with Accounting Technician magazine, about the importance of data analysis in accounting and insolvency. Here’s a short snippet from the piece:

David Elms, qualified accountant, customer experience director and co- founder at StatementReader, became frustrated by the “needless repetition” within data entry, manipulation and analysis tasks.

‘He began to undertake extra-curricular database and data analysis projects, exploring and developing his interest by experimenting with existing software, becoming the “go-to” Excel expert within his team. It gave him the edge during appraisals and promotion opportunities at work.

‘He said: “I became a reliable source of data analytics knowledge, and I was seen as a significant asset to the firm,” he explains. “In fact, my previous company started introducing me to senior stakeholders when they needed data advice.”

‘He says Excel has infinite capabilities, which requires additional training. It’s why Elms developed his own piece of software, StatementReader. He worked extensively with VBA coding and scripts. “For me, it’s about making data analysis an easier, more efficient process for the accountancy industry. Presenting it in such a way that a user at any stage in their career will easily understand and interact with it.”’

Read more on this piece, and hear from other experts on data analysis, by signing up to be a member of The Association of Accounting Technicians:

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