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31 December 2019

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StatementReader is used by forensic accountants, bookkeepers, insolvency investigators, solicitors, auditors and business review professionals to stop wasting time and talent converting bank statements into Excel

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What is a CSV file?

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a file format that is widely accepted when importing data into a variety of different applications. It can be read by any text editor although should be opened in a spreadsheet for formatting and analysis.

A typical CSV file contains one line of headings followed by a separate line for each item of data, for example:

“Date”, “Description”, “Debit”, “Credit”, “Balance”

“10 January 2013”, “Transfer to XXX”, “10.00”, “”, “990.00”

“12 January 2013”, “Transfer to YYY”, “800.00”, “”, “100.00”

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