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How can I tell who or where the account holder has most activity? Use the transaction keyword summar

StatementReader identifies keywords by [number of occurrences or total value], with a detailed breakdown showing the first and last date on which the word appeared in the transactional data being analysed.

The simple to use interface allows the user to set options so that multiple words can be aggregated together to meet the user’s needs. Keywords can also be located as separate words, or as part of other words, in a single click. Certain words may be specified by the user to be included or excluded from this summary table.

Keyword analysis identifies key stakeholders with whom a significant financial relationship exists. This summary is displayed in Excel as a table showing each identified keyword, the number of occurrences, the total transaction receipts and payments, and the percentage of total receipts or payments that this value represents. A specified number of transactions are also displayed as examples of where the identified keyword was found.

keywords with most activity

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