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How to extract transactions from Barclays bank statements that have been printed by a branch

The Barclays branch print out format can be extracted using StatementReader although the structure changes depending on the branch that printed it, therefore you will most likely need a new template for your document (even if you have processed similar bank statements before). To obtain the new template you can either create your own (using the File -> New bank layout feature), or request that we create one for you (again using the option from the File menu; we aim to return these to you within 24 hours, though usually it is sooner).

If you would like to create your own template, you should keep the following points in mind:

- deselect the checkbox at step 2 to signal that the column headers do not always exist on each page (optional, depends on use of page breaks).

- select ‘column dashes’ at step 4 to remove the dashes automatically, which can confuse the application.

- select ‘bottom date’ at step 4 to ensure that multiple lined transactions are aggregated in Excel correctly.

- enter ‘C’ as the positive suffix at step 4, to remove this notation in the receipts column.

Barclays bank statements template

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