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Excel Top Tip #3 - Picking apart formulas

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It’s that time again – the time in the month when we share another of our Excel Top Tips. 

There is a flow to even the most basic of Excel files that is conceptualised and enacted by the analyst, creator or developer. However, the degree to which the resultant model is intuitive to the end user depends on a combination of the foresight of the developer, the adaptability of the initial concept, and the integrity of the developer in applying the desired structure. 

Top Tip #3 – Pick apart formulas

A key feature for picking apart the formula structure is to trace the precedents of a formula:

☝️Your handy keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + [

This way you can see the cells that are relied on in calculations, to eradicate incorrect references and find links within the model that have only been implied, and are therefore highly likely to introduce errors either now or later, impacting you, or your colleagues.

It’s a short one from us this time around, but a tip we’re sure will have maximum impact. 

Thank you,

The StatementReader Team

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