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How can StatementReader help bookkeepers?

First and foremost, it can help you demonstrate why you meet the criteria for a job, meet industry regulations and impress your boss. Let's explore:

Meet the criteria

Job adverts for this role require you to:

  • Be competent in using Microsoft Office, particularly Excel

  • Demonstrate excellent skills in accuracy, attention to detail and organisation

  • Assist with the filing of financial statements

  • Complete reconciliations of payments and receipts and bank reconciliations

  • Have a genuine interest in the accounting industry and the drive to complete AAT

What your regulatory body says

Your regulatory bodies are:

  • AAT

  • IAB

  • ICB

Professional Conduct Regulations for those working in this role require:

  • Consistent treatment of each category of transactions across periods

  • Sufficient expertise and competence to complete tasks and does not have adequate time or opportunity to complete promptly.

Impress your boss

Aside from knowing you have the skills and experience for the job, your boss wants to see you:

  • Automate and delegate

  • Validate and sense check

  • Demonstrate a methodical and reliable way of working

  • Be consistent in delivery and easy to collaborate with

How can StatementReader do all this?

  • It adds significant client value – automating data conversion enables faster and more efficient completion of basic admin

  • Automation achieves a high level of accuracy and detail, meaning you can conduct more thorough analysis

  • You can extract transactions from encrypted PDF documents downloaded directly from the bank, saving additional time

  • It lets you categorise transactions using user defined keywords, ordering them in terms of priority and basing them on the total value of all matching transactions

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