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How can StatementReader help credit underwriters?

Learn more about the ways StatementReader can be the secret weapon in catapulting your career.

First and foremost, it can help you demonstrate why you meet the criteria for a job, meet industry regulations and impress your boss.

Meet the criteria

Job adverts for this role require you to:

  • Be able to read and understand information on bank statements and processing statements

  • Pick out relevant information that may benefit the underwriter when making a decision to lend

  • Create detailed reports for underwriters

  • Work at speed but keep up with workflow demand

  • Pay attention to detail

What your regulatory body says

Your regulatory bodies are:

  • EBA

  • FCA

  • Credit Risk Monitoring Framework

This advice states those working in this role should:

  • Place emphasis on data and information to be of adequate depth, breadth, accuracy, integrity, reliability, consistency, timeliness and traceability

  • Ensure data and information is sufficiently detailed and granular to capture specific loan-by-loan information, linking to borrower and relevant collaterals

  • Use the EBA non-performing loan transaction templates for data collection and management

Impress your boss

Aside from knowing you have the skills and experience for the job, your boss wants to see you:

  • Provide analysis of turnaround time to demonstrate time savings

  • Include a range of data points for thorough analysis

  • Apply company process consistently each time

How can StatementReader do all this?

  • It provides a consistent output structure made bespoke for the client; it focuses on a variety of areas including key transactions, keywords and dates so data can be easily processed and analysed

  • You can build team faith in your robust decision-making processes, knowing you get things right first time

  • The time and effort invested in each application provides extra value to your clients, with no corners cut

  • It removed the need for the third party, new client approval needed to process data; instead, you can do it all in-house

If your role doesn’t appear above, but you would like to know more about how StatementReader can support you in your career, please get in touch and speak to our team.

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