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How can StatementReader help insolvency practitioners/forensic accountants?

First and foremost, you must demonstrate why you meet the criteria for a job, meet industry regulations and then impress your boss. Let's explore how we help:

Meet the criteria

Job adverts for this role require you to:

  • Perform forensic financial analysis, build models, report writing, perform quality procedures on schedules and reports

  • Place an emphasis on valuation work

  • Provide recommendations for investigations required to be delivered

  • Compile and analyse facts to formulate reports and conclusions

  • Present business data and findings maintaining the integrity of corporate information

What your regulatory body says

Your regulatory bodies are:


  • IPC

  • JIC


The Statement of Insolvency Practice from the ICAEW states insolvency practitioners must: ‘review how the company’s business has been conducted, and potential recoveries for the estate.’

"In every insolvency situation, maximising returns to creditors is a priority for Moore Stephens’ insolvency practitioners. We go the extra mile to investigate and challenge antecedent transactions and any other claims that might be brought for breach of duty to achieve the best possible result.”


Impress your boss

Aside from knowing you have the skills and experience for the job, your boss wants to see you:

  • Putting focus on internal knowledge sharing

  • Networking externally to build important connections

  • Identifying spare capacity to enhance highly process driven roles

  • Confidently express brand values through your work and general character

How can StatementReader do all this?

  • It offers a standardised peer-reviewed Excel analysis in just one-click

  • Adding StatementReader to your Liquidation and Administration checklists helps you achieve a high-quality but efficient overview on all live cases before identifying and pursuing further, in-depth investigations

  • Our bespoke templated investigation reports make it easier to display data analysis for colleagues, collaborating solicitors and key creditors

  • During regulatory body audit, you will demonstrate a commitment to consistency of process and for using tools which achieve highly accurate automation

Got questions, we're here for you on +44 (0)20 3287 8283 or send us a message.

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