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How can StatementReader help solicitors?

Learn more about the ways StatementReader can be the secret weapon in catapulting your career.

Meet the criteria

Job adverts for this role require you to:

  • Advise a client on the law and legal issues relating to their case

  • Draft documents, letters and contracts tailored to the client's individual needs

  • Research and analyse documents and case law to ensure the accuracy of advice and procedure

  • Supervise and delegate work to trainee solicitors, paralegals and legal secretaries as appropriate

  • Check all documentation prior to signing and implementing

  • Calculate claims for damages, compensation, maintenance, etc

What your regulatory body says

Your regulatory bodies are:

  • SRA

  • ICO 27001

This article about the domains of ISO 27001 states: ‘It is necessary to make information security a compulsory part of project management, regardless of the nature of a project.’

Impress your boss

Aside from knowing you have the skills and experience for the job, your boss wants to see you:

  • Undertaking external training to learn key skills and

  • Networking externally to build important connections

  • Demonstrating you are technically observant

  • Upholding the brand through all company output

How can StatementReader do all this?

  • It adds significant client value – automating data conversion saves a high proportion of their high hourly rate, which can be put to better use

  • By automating data entry tasks which can be introduced to other team members and peers, it helps you foster an open and supportive working environment

  • You can better detect fraud by automatically identifying key transactions, keywords and key dates in just one click

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