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Land Registry Charts (Day 6 of 6)

My exploratory data analysis of Land Registry data in November 2020:

The highest number of inter-country transfers over a 5-year period

For my second timeline graph and final chart of this series, I explored showing the two countries that exchanged the highest number of properties for each available data snapshot. While seeking to represent both the volume of transfers and the direction of properties moving between each pair, I decided on showing the country with a larger proportion of sales as larger country abbreviations.

One downside is some of the earlier data snapshots are for a 3-month period so the values should be adjusted for a more useful comparison.

This concludes my short exploration into overseas companies that own property in England and Wales utilising my newly acquired R skills, thanks for looking:)

Any thoughts or questions, get in touch


Have a look at the code I used, here:

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