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The summary sheet in Excel isn't using the correct column for transaction narrative

UPDATE: An option has now been introduced for the user to decide before processing a multi-narrative statement format which column should be used for the analysis. This will be shown to the user automatically in these situations.

If the bank statement has multiple description columns (such as payment type/narrative) the summary sheet assumes that the keywords that are of interest to you (such as names/places) are contained in the first of these columns. To adjust this follow these steps:

1. Within Sheet1 of the Excel file generated by StatementReader, swap the payment type/narrative columns so that the one that contains the interesting keywords is the first of these columns. Leave the other columns in their original order. Crucially, the date and amount columns should remain in the same column letter of Excel. Save and close this file.

2. Within StatementReader, right click on the job, and select to import corrections from Excel.

3. Select the Excel file containing the amended Sheet1.

4. Right click on the job again, and this time select Export to Excel with summary. The new Excel file will then be processed and will open automatically.

​Creating a summary Excel sheet with StatementReader is free.

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