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Completed jobs folder

When you process a file you create a ‘job’. The job file is a locally stored database that holds the extracted data from your scanned bank statements. When all the pages in the file have been extracted the job is complete.

By default StatementReader uses a directory inside your Windows user account to store the completed jobs. This ensures that only you have access to them. If you would like to use another directory to store the jobs instead of the default one, you can set it here.

Whenever StatementReader is launched, it checks the contents of the ‘Completed Jobs Folder’ and displays the jobs it contains in the main interface. This is useful in a shared environment where different users would like to have access to the jobs created by other users. If all users set the ‘Completed Jobs Folder’ to a shared network folder then all users can access the jobs.

Users will need write access to the completed jobs folder.

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