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Getting started with StatementReader

To ensure that the application is installed correctly, select an example job from the 'Help' menu. There are two to choose from. Once you select one, an image of an example bank statement will open, and then the data from this page will be shown in Excel.

StatementReader uses two separate methods to import data, either character recognition from a scanned image (OCR), or by interpreting a layer of text embedded within searchable PDF documents.

Searchable PDF documents can be provided electronically, in which case the quality of the document is perfect and using the appropriate template for any structured document can produce perfect results. Searchable PDF documents can also be created using most office scanners. This uses the original document to recognise the text, and so is often more accurate than using a character recognition process on a scanned image.

Therefore, searchable PDF documents will often increase the level of accuracy that you will achieve using StatementReader.

In addition, using the correct template is key to getting good results. We have a built in tool suitable for many UK ('single table') bank statements, which allows users to create and use a new template in just a few minutes. Alternatively, users can upload files for our team to complete the data processing or template creation required.

Ultimately, the level of accuracy that you will be able to achieve will depend on the quality of the documents you have to process. You are welcome to trial our software, as we help you to use these methods (and other features built into the application) in the most effective way for your firm.

It is also important to note that by extracting all of the data on a page, users can use simple formulas to quickly check pages or transactions that may require user attention.

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