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How do I use the most accurate OCR technology?

We are committed to providing the fastest and most accurate bank statement extraction solution to all of our clients.

StatementReader can be downloaded from our website, so you can start using the software straight away. Our recommendations for a refined implementation depend on the documents you have to process and the hardware or software you have available.

- The documents that are input into StatementReader affect the method that is chosen to extract data from your bank statements. These documents can take different forms (for example, electronically created searchable PDF documents or scanned images), depending on your overall process.

- The hardware and software you have available can also affect the exact implementation that is best for you. We are experts in using these unique aspects to provide an optimised solution for you, whilst minimising the time of implementation (often to a matter of minutes).

In a brief initial conversation we can begin to assess what solution will be best for you. We always provide a no-commitment trial period for you to evaluate StatementReader.

Contact us today for more information.

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