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No transactions were extracted from my bank statements

If no data was extracted from your bank statements then it is likely that the template selected within StatementReader did not match the scanned statements that you have to process. Please double check that the column headers on the thumbnail image for the template on the StatementReader interface match those on your scanned pages. If they do not match, you may create your own template, or upload a sample for us to create a template for you; here are some instructions.

If the bank template was correct, then please select the same template, with the same file, and this time tick the ‘extract all lines’ checkbox above the ‘Go’ button. This will ignore any column headings and footers and process the full page into Excel. If this works then the column headers are obscured, and you should make sure you follow the recommended scanning settings on the link above.

If you still do not see any results, please check whether you have a searchable PDF document, and only tick ’Parse PDF, instead of OCR’ from above the ‘Go’ button if you do.

Note that processing the same file again with different templates/options will not cause your StatementReader credit to be reduced multiple times.

There is also an example job available from the help menu that you can use to check that the installation has completed successfully.

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